Hua Xin - Emil Wakin Chau (Zhou Huajian)

Hua Xin - Emil Wakin Chau (Zhou Huajian)


  • Song Title :
  • Hua Xin
  • Chinese Song Title :
  • 花心
  • Album :
  • Hua Xin
  • Popularity :
  • ★★★★★
Hua Xin brought Emil Wakin Chau the first success to his career. Released in 1993, in the same name album, this song has won the most popularity all through China and other Asian countries. Hua Xin was a pop song in the 1990s, it was originally a Japanese folk song, its name was (Hua, flowers). Then a Taiwan poet wrote lyrics for it, at the same time, named the Chinese version 花心 (Hua Xin, The Flowery Heart). The music expresses love to flower, and the wish to stay with it forever.

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