Songs Of Birds Lyrics - Emil Wakin Chau (Zhou Huajian)

Songs Of Birds Lyrics - Emil Wakin Chau (Zhou Huajian)

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Chinese Lyrics

Songs Of Birds
How did you know I had A needing heart
You made me glad in your pureness of your eyes
I felt such a power It gave me the strength to go on
Now I know I really feel In my heart More than
All the sun E'r Released in all It's hours
Believing in you Believing in me
Believing in love
Songs of birds fill the air
The Autumn hues everywhere
There's a sense of love and peace
I feel Where I am
Being with you as we are
All the trouble in the world
Won't scare me if I'm
Right there with you through it all

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  • Chinese Song Title :
  • Songs Of Birds