Sing along song Lyrics - Khalil Fong (Fang Da Tong)

Sing along song Lyrics - Khalil Fong (Fang Da Tong)

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Pinyin Lyrics

This is an English song, therefore there is no pinyin lyrics.

Chinese Lyrics

I wrote this song
It's not too long
cause I'm the one who loves you
i wrote this song
this can't be wrong
I don't wanna smile without you
I just want to make you happy
Maybe you want nothing at all
How I wish that you are mean to be
forever and the day with me
Sing a long song
that not too long
It's when I think about you then I hear song
and you can sing alone
Maybe if you don't want to
Cause baby i wrote,i wrote this for you
In every way, you mean more to me
then you love more
Girl, I do my best to show these words are true
And if you like to make a song in the perfect
harmony with me
I find the greatest words to sing
so we could write our own romantic thing

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