Interlude Lyrics - Khalil Fong (Fang Da Tong)

Interlude Lyrics - Khalil Fong (Fang Da Tong)

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Pinyin Lyrics

This is an English song, therefore there is no pinyin lyrics.

Chinese Lyrics

I just want to thank you everybody for checking out my second album
This time I want to talk about love, and different kinds of love.
Oh what?
Hey what's ...? Who's this?
Ahh try to talk here?
Hei yo ! someone turn s it off from here.
Eh, hey hey guys.
I m trying to say something over here, all right ?
En… all right dude, yeah , yeah!
Ah who's idea?
Yo! Somebody turn s this off!
Turn it off for me you guys.
This is my album!
My album guys!
Definitions of love includes the words
One, life, someone who to whom warms their lives
Two, care, refers to an emotional statement in which one has an interest or concern for someone, to care for someone may also refer to disappointing and responsibility or cause for such attended
Three, friendship, favoured into personal association of relationships
Four, union, dissolution your love into an object behind peril state with creative generosity
Five, family, rewhip related by compensatory
Six, bond, in connection with another person is a part of your identity.Resent studies in neuroscience have indicated about consistent of numbers of chemicals are presented in the brain When people testify you're feeling love, these chemicals include

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  • Chinese Song Title :
  • Interlude