Darken Sun Lyrics - Emil Wakin Chau (Zhou Huajian)

Darken Sun Lyrics - Emil Wakin Chau (Zhou Huajian)

Chinese and Pinyin Lyrics

Pinyin Lyrics

This is an English song, therefore there is no pinyin lyrics.

Chinese Lyrics

A darkened sun,a cloudy sky,an empty heart
It's over now,with some regrets
Living for our past memories
Your changing smile
And shining eyes,made me a king
And crownless now,standing alone
Hearing you cry for your liberty
A darkened sun A crownless king
A fading hope,mistaken way,a foolish man
But now I hear,I truly hear
The sun might shine
The sky could glow,our hearts would sing
If our love could be
Pure lovely and free
The sky will glow, our hearts will sing
Now you hear,as I'd hoped you would
When I tore up the white page
The letter full of empty words you gave me
I knew one day you'd know
You'd really know
That I don't need a king and crazy promises

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  • Chinese Song Title :
  • Darken Sun