Baby Don’t Go lyrics – Anita Mui

Baby Don’t Go lyrics - Anita Mui

Pinyin Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to the sounds of swiss beats.
We got cassidy in here. Kels! We in our throwbacks.
This is for the ladies, we got room keys.
[Chorus (R Kelly)]
Girl you wanna come to my hotel, baby I will leave you my room key.
I'm feelin' te way you carry yourslf gir.
And I wanna get with you 'cuz you's a cutie.
So if you wanna come to my hotel, all you gotta do is holler at me.
'Cuz we're havingan after party, checkin' ut 6 in the mornin'
I'm staying in the hotel, not the motel or the holi-day inn.
If that girl don't participate, well then I'ma take her friend.
Well if, mami is with it then, mami can give it then, mami a rider, I'ma, slide up beside her.
I got a suite, you can creep on through, I know you tryin' to get your freak on too,
I'll do it all for that, yeah I ball for that, hit the mall for that,
keep it fly for them, keep my eye on them, hot tub for them, pop bub' for them, I got love for ma, yeeah!
[Chorus (R Kelly)]

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  • Chinese Song Title :
  • Baby Don’t Go