Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian)

Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian)

Artist Information

Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian) photo
  • Name :
  • Derrick Hoh
  • Pinyin :
  • He Wei Jian (何维健)
  • Nationality :
  • Singapore
  • Birth :
  • Sept. 17, 1985
  • Genres :
  • Mandopop

Artist Introduction


On March 18, 2011, Derrick Hoh (何维健 He Wei Jian), a rapidly rising music star from Singapore came to Shanghai, along with his newest album Change, at this time, Derrick Hoh attracted much attention that's deserved.

Years ago back in April, 2005, Derrick attended a programme hosted by U Channel, named "Project SuperStar". At that time, he mostly singed love songs, with talented voice and nice look, Derrick finally got through a few stages, but failed at last, became the 3rd place.

Three years later, Derrick released his first album Unclassified. He says that he does care about the sell a lot, but still will focus on his fans, to give them his perfect performance.

It rained at his show, but seeing lots of fans waiting for his show up, Derrick was touched. When he knew there were his older neighbor and former classmates, Derrick was almost in tears.

In five years, Dirrick Hoh has grown a lot, what's next for him is to "be himself".

Albums List

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