Stefanie (Sun Yan zi) - It's Time Album

Stefanie (Sun Yan zi) - It's Time Album

Album Information

It's Time Stefanie
  • Album :
  • It's Time
  • Chinese :
  • 是时候 (Shi shi hou)
  • Release Date :
  • 2011-03-08

Album Introduction


Album Summary

It's undoubtful that Stefanie's new album It's Time will be the most important album in Chinese music 2011, before it's released, lots fans wrote their hope, wish and stories with Stefanie, it's really not usually seen.

It's an Album about Time

Every time, the 1st song in Stefanie's albums will impress people with new element, and this time it won't be exception. The lyrics of song Shi shuo xin yu (世说新语) tell us in this 4 year, Stefanie's time is fully filled up, while her heart is empty. Therefore, pause the time, let your heart go, so that it could chase real happiness in life. In this song, Stefanie chooses a poem Life from an Indian woman poet, to tell us the 4 year has became all the words in her music. Besides, the songs Dang dong ye jian nuan (当冬夜渐暖), Shi guang xiao tou (时光小偷), It's Time (是时候), Ming tian de ji yi (明天的记忆) are all about time, but with different points of view.

It's not Changing, but Returning

In 4 years, Stefanie didn't release new albums, people kept talking about her changing. But they are wrong, It's Time is just her returning. All the songs are still with pleasing rhythm, truehearted voice, except for her long hair.

Fans' Voice

"It's Time, all the songs, lyrics or rhythm are not important to me, the most important is Stefanie is still singing!"

"I have to say it's worth hearing, each time I hear it in my bed alone, I might cry, not only because the songs, but because Stefanie is back..."

"It's Time, yes it's time for Stefanie to come back. I like 180 degree most."

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