Elva Hsiao (Xiao Ya Xuan) - 4U Album

Elva Hsiao (Xiao Ya Xuan) - 4U Album

Album Information

Elva Hsiao 4U Album
  • Album :
  • 4U
  • Chinese :
  • 4U
  • Release Date :
  • 2002-02-11

Album Introduction


After releasing 3 albums, Elva Hsiao went to a long vacation. During that, Elva spent her time learning to sing, to improve herself. Her company finds her a well-known teacher, who taught lots music stars to give Elva lessons.

That's how Elva's album 4U came out. When people in company heard her new songs, they can hardly believe themselves. Yes, Elva had made another great improvement in this album.

Music List