Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian) - Unclassified Album

Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian) - Unclassified Album (无法归类 Wu fa gui lei)

Album Information

Derrick Hoh Unclassified Album
  • Album :
  • Unclassified
  • Chinese :
  • 无法归类 (Wu fa gui lei)
  • Release Date :
  • 2008-07-30

Album Introduction


Derrick Hoh's first album was named Unclassified, although Derrick didn't win the 1st place in SuperStar show, this time, with the album Unclassified release, he got his own prize, because his album was latest released, but it's definitely the best one! Derrick has good look outside, and sings both fast and slow songs pretty well.

Unclassified album focused on fast songs, especially the song Unclassified (无法分类) and Peng peng ai (碰碰爱), they just light up the whole album. Aslo songs Yao zi (咬字) and Croatia de tian kong (克罗地亚的天空) was composed by Derrick Hoh himself.

Music List