Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian) - Change Album (Gai bian)

Derrick Hoh (He Wei Jian) - Change Album (改变 Gai bian)

Album Information

Derrick Hoh Change album
  • Album :
  • Change
  • Chinese :
  • 改变 (Gai bian)
  • Release Date :
  • 2010-12-17

Album Introduction


Released in Dec. 2010, Derrick Hoh brings his album Change (改变) to Shanghai, begins his album tour in China. When asked about early years memory, Derrick Hoh said that his idol is Aaron Kwok, one of the four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop (Cantonese popular music), "四大天王" in Chinese.

Derrick Hoh recalled the thing that when he was 9, his father played the first music video to him, which is of Aaron Kwok's. At the same time, Derrick indicated that his new album is also because of his idol's word. Once Derrick got a chance to watch Kwok's concert in Taipei, and lucky enough to get the back stage to visit him. "He asked if I can dance, I answered that I couldn't," Kerrick said, "He then replied, a male artist got to dance, dancing will make you more fascinatiing."

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